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Using thermography to detect heat and / or cold bridges through walls or roof of a building, it is also helping to prevent heavy construction work to be executed.
With the help of thermography you are able to narrow down the exact location where a problem occurs. Therefore thermography is frequentlyapplied to check wall insulation, and control or detection of water leakage. Measurements prior to renovation and inspections before completion of a structure, are therefore used to calculate planned projects accurately and on completion. All with the use of thermography

In addition, the desire to save costs on energy becomes more often a reality, with the help of thermographic inspection and reporting.
Customers using the Thermoview series cameras can be found in many different industries like:

• Contractors
• Insulation Companies
• Insurance
• Property
• Renovation Companies
• Food (cold stores)
• Petrochemical industry (storage)
• Inspections on completion
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